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Innovative packaging, eco-friendly printing, and impactful design services tailored to enhance your brand image.

Custom Packaging Boxes


Tote Bags

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Book Printing

custom packaging boxes

Cardboard Boxes

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Playing Cards

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Car Air Fresheners


Custom Bags

Eoffset provides custom printed boxes that elevate your packaging. From design to materials, we ensure your product stands out with durability and style. We produce
Grocery Bags:
Standard Grocery Bags
Heavy-Duty Grocery Bags
Kraft Paper Grocery Bags
Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags
Retail Bags:
Small Retail Bags (for jewelry, cosmetics, etc.)
Medium Retail Bags (for clothing, accessories, etc.)
Large Retail Bags (for shoes, home goods, etc.)
Custom Printed Retail Bags
Gift Bags:
Small Gift Bags
Medium Gift Bags
Large Gift Bags
Specialty Gift Bags (e.g., wine bags, holiday-themed bags)
Takeout Bags:
Standard Takeout Bags (for restaurants, cafes, etc.)
Food Delivery Bags (insulated or non-insulated)
Custom Printed Takeout Bags
Grease-Resistant Takeout Bags
Party Favor Bags:
Birthday Favor Bags
Wedding Favor Bags
Baby Shower Favor Bags
Customized Party Favor Bags
Promotional Bags:
Event Giveaway Bags
Conference Tote Bags
Trade Show Bags
Custom Logo Bags
Specialty Paper Bags:
Wine Bottle Bags
Merchandise Bags (with handles)
Bakery Bags (for cookies, pastries, etc.)
Seedling Bags (for nurseries, garden centers, etc.)
Eco-Friendly Bags:
Recycled Paper Bags
Compostable Paper Bags
Biodegradable Paper Bags
FSC-Certified Paper Bags
Seasonal Bags:
Holiday-themed Bags (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
Spring/Easter Bags
Summer Beach Bags
Fall Harvest Bags
Customization Services:
Personalized Paper Bags (with names, messages, etc.)
Custom Printed Designs
Logo Printing Services
Bespoke Bag Design

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Offset Printing Services

Experience top-quality offset printing for business cards, brochures, Posters and Banners, Catalogs and Booklets, Stationery (Letterheads, Envelopes) and more. Our precise printing services ensure your brand message is delivered effectively. We can print:
Business Printing:
Business Cards
Corporate Stationery
Marketing Materials:
Promotional Printing:
Packaging Printing:
Product Packaging
Labels and Stickers
Folding Cartons
Product Inserts
Annual Reports
Direct Mail Printing:
Variable Data Printing
Specialty Printing:
Embossing and Debossing
Foil Stamping
Spot UV Coating
Die-Cut Printing
Large Format Printing:
Vehicle Wraps
Variable Data Printing:
Personalized Direct Mail
Customized Marketing Materials
Individualized Promotions
Specialty Services:
Graphic Design
Prepress Services
Bindery and Finishing
Fulfillment and Distribution

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Paper and Cardboard Packaging Solutions

Paper and cardboard packaging solutions offer versatile and eco-friendly options for various industries, providing a blend of functionality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. These packaging materials are widely utilized due to their lightweight nature, ease of customization, and ability to be recycled or biodegraded. We manufacture boxes such as:
Gift Packaging:
Gift Boxes
Gift Bags
Wrapping Paper
Gift Tags and Labels
Food Packaging:
Bakery Boxes
Takeout Containers
Paper Cups and Lids
Food Wraps and Sheets
Retail Packaging:
Merchandise Bags
Jewelry Boxes
Apparel Boxes
Retail Shopping Bags
Shipping and Mailing Supplies:
Corrugated Boxes
Shipping Envelopes
Bubble Mailers
Packing Tape and Dispensers
Eco-Friendly Packaging:
Recycled Paper Packaging
Biodegradable Packaging
Compostable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Specialty Packaging:
Wine Bottle Carriers
Flower Sleeves and Wraps
Specialty Gift Boxes (e.g., for chocolates, cosmetics)
CD/DVD Sleeves and Cases
Industrial Packaging:
Industrial Wrapping Paper
Protective Packaging (e.g., foam inserts, packing peanuts)
Paper Dunnage Bags
Corrugated Shipping Boxes
Custom Packaging Solutions:
Custom Printed Boxes
Branded Packaging Materials
Custom Labels and Stickers
Custom Packaging Design Services
Party and Event Packaging:
Party Favor Boxes and Bags
Cupcake Boxes
Paper Straws and Stirrers
Disposable Tableware
Packaging Accessories:
Tissue Paper
Ribbon and Twine
Packaging Fillers (e.g., shredded paper, crinkle cut)
Seals and Stickers


Promotional Products

At, we specialize in producing high-quality promotional products that help businesses enhance their brand visibility, engage customers, and drive sales. Our extensive range of promotional items is designed to meet diverse marketing needs and budget requirements. Product groups:

Custom Printed Car Air Fresheners
Paper Cups & Accessories
Fabric & Tote Bags
Mouse Pads
Paper & Cardboard Bags
Notebooks and Planners

Custom Printed Apparel:
Polo shirts
Caps and hats

Bags (tote bags, backpacks, duffel bags)

Writing Instruments:
Stylus pens

Water bottles
Travel mugs
Coffee cups
Wine glasses

USB flash drives
Power banks
Phone cases
Wireless chargers

Office Supplies:
Sticky notes
Desk organizers
Mouse pads

Health and Wellness:
Hand sanitizers
First aid kits
Fitness bands
Lip balms
Sunscreen lotions

Home and Lifestyle:
Kitchen gadgets
Bottle openers

Eco-Friendly Products:
Reusable shopping bags
Eco-friendly pens
Bamboo utensils
Recycled notebooks
Seed packets

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Custom Printed Paper Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups:
Standard single-wall paper cups, suitable for hot and cold beverages.
Available in various sizes ranging from 4 oz to 16 oz.
Customizable with your logo, brand colors, and messaging.
Double Wall Paper Cups:
Insulated double-wall paper cups, ideal for hot beverages like coffee and tea.
Provides added heat insulation and comfort for handling.
Available in sizes from 8 oz to 16 oz.
Custom printing options for branding and promotional messages.
Ripple Wall Paper Cups:
Triple-layered ripple wall paper cups, offering superior insulation for hot drinks.
Unique ripple design provides a comfortable grip and extra heat protection.
Sizes range from 8 oz to 16 oz.
Customizable with your logo, artwork, or branding.
Eco-Friendly Paper Cups:
Made from sustainable and biodegradable materials, such as FSC-certified paper or PLA lining.
Available in single-wall, double-wall, or ripple wall designs.
Customizable with eco-friendly messaging or logos to showcase your commitment to sustainability.
Printed Sleeves for Paper Cups:
Custom printed cardboard sleeves that slide onto paper cups to provide insulation and protection.
Enhances branding opportunities by adding an additional space for logos, messages, or artwork.
Suitable for single-wall and double-wall paper cups.
Custom Lid Options:
Complement your custom printed paper cups with matching lids featuring your logo or branding.
Available in various styles, including flat lids, dome lids, sip-through lids, and tear-back lids.
Provides convenience for customers and enhances brand visibility.
Special Finishes and Effects:
Consider special finishes such as matte or glossy coatings to add visual appeal to your custom printed cups.
Options for metallic foiling, embossing, or spot UV printing for a premium and luxurious look.
These effects can elevate your branding and make your cups stand out.
Custom Packaging:
Custom packaging options for bulk orders, such as branded boxes or shrink wrapping.
Allows for easy storage, transportation, and distribution of your custom printed paper cups.


Custom-sized Boxes

Custom-sized cardboard boxes are available in various types to suit different packaging needs. Some common types of custom-sized cardboard boxes we produce:
Regular Slotted Container (RSC):
One of the most commonly used box types.
Four flaps on the top and bottom that meet at the center when closed.
Suitable for shipping and storing a wide range of products.
Half Slotted Container (HSC):
Similar to the RSC but with one set of flaps missing on either the top or bottom.
Often used as a lid for another box or as a display box.
Full Telescope Design (FTD):
Consists of two separate pieces: a lid and a base that fit together.
Provides extra protection and stability for fragile or heavy items.
Ideal for electronics, appliances, and other high-value products.
One-Piece Folder (OPF):
Also known as a bookfold or mailer box.
Made from a single piece of cardboard that folds into a box shape.
Suitable for mailing books, documents, and other flat items.
Five Panel Folder (FPF):
Made from a single piece of cardboard with five panels.
One panel serves as the top and bottom, while the other four panels fold around the sides.
Often used for packaging large and flat items such as posters, frames, and artwork.
Five Panel Wrap (FPW):
Similar to the FPF but with additional flaps on the sides for extra protection.
Provides more rigidity and strength, making it suitable for heavy or irregularly shaped items.
Trays and Inserts:
Custom-sized trays and inserts made from cardboard or corrugated board.
Used to organize and protect products inside larger boxes.
Can be customized to fit specific product dimensions and packaging requirements.
Custom Die-Cut Boxes:
Boxes that are cut to a specific shape or design using a custom die.
Ideal for packaging products with unique shapes or for creating branded packaging with custom cutouts and windows.
Specialty Boxes:
Custom-sized boxes designed for specific industries or applications, such as display boxes, ballot boxes, or window boxes.
Offer specialized features to meet unique packaging needs and enhance product presentation.
These are just a few examples of the many types of custom-sized cardboard boxes available. Each type can be further customized in terms of size, material, printing, and additional features to meet the specific requirements of your packaging project.

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Labels & Stickers

Custom Labels:
Product labels
Packaging labels
Food and beverage labels
Cosmetics labels
Health and beauty labels
Vinyl stickers
Paper stickers
Clear stickers
Bumper stickers
Die-cut stickers
Roll Labels:
Roll labels for packaging
Barcode labels
Address labels
Shipping labels
Inventory labels
Window decals
Wall decals
Floor decals
Vehicle decals
Decorative decals
Customized Labels and Stickers:
Personalized labels and stickers
Name labels
Monogram stickers
Wedding labels and stickers
Event labels and stickers
Specialty Labels and Stickers:
Foil labels
Embossed labels
Holographic labels
Scratch and sniff labels
Glow-in-the-dark stickers
Promotional Labels and Stickers:
Promotional stickers
Logo stickers
Branding stickers
Customized promotional labels
QR code stickers
Safety and Warning Labels:
Caution labels
Danger labels
Safety instruction labels
Warning stickers
Hazard labels
Medical and Pharmaceutical Labels:
Prescription labels
Medical equipment labels
Pharmaceutical labels
Healthcare labels
Laboratory labels
Industrial Labels:
Chemical labels
Oil and gas labels
Electrical labels
Equipment labels
Machinery labels

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Eoffset combines superior printing and packaging services with a sustainable approach, providing unmatched value for your business.

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